Pros & Cons of Becoming a Teacher

Teachers are part of the fabric of our society. Most children attend a public or private school where teachers provide them with an education to carry into college and throughout life. If you are considering a career as a teacher, you should research the pros and cons of becoming a teacher before making that decision.

Pro -- Sense of Accomplishment

Teachers often say that the biggest reinforcement they feel for becoming a teacher is the sense of accomplishment they get when they know they've made a difference. One teacher, Lynn Gaston, who teaches fourth grade in Fort Worth, said, "The moment a child figures out a new concept and learns how to apply that concept is satisfying. When you see the light bulb go off and the smile of understanding, you know you've done your job well."

Con -- Low Wages

"Teaching is a calling," asserts Gaston, "otherwise, you might give it up altogether." The low pay, she says, does not correspond well with the actual amount of work you will do as a teacher. Instead of earning what you are worth, you earn what the school district decides to pay you, and if you live in a poor school district, you might start out earning very little in contrast to your credentials. Gaston says, "Not many other professions that require you to have specialized training pay as low as a teacher's salary." In some states, like North Dakota, the starting pay for teachers is as low as $24,872 per year.


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