Physical Education Teacher & Coach Salary

Average Salary

According to PayScale, physical education teachers in the United States earned an average salary of $33,460 to $50,660 as of January 2011, while the range for athletic coaches is $27,781 to $50,558. This range includes those PE teachers and coaches who work for elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges and universities.


Most teachers will see an increase in their income and they gain valuable teaching experience. Coaches are no different, particularly considering coaches can work their way up from assistant coach to head coach. PayScale states that a PE teacher's starting salary is between $30,071 and $39,522 annually, or $26,531 to $40,223 for a coach. A PE teacher with more than five years experience earns between $36,251 and $53,346, while a coach earns between $30,169 to $50,404. A PE teacher with more than 20 years can earn between $49,653 and $72,419, while a coach with that experience earns between $39,259 and $71,549.

Employer Type

Schools and school districts are the most common employers of PE teachers, and offer a salary range of $34,281 to $50,394, or a range of $30,922 to $51,972 for coaches. Colleges and universities also employ PE teachers at a higher average range of $45,000 to $56,500, or $28,729 to $46,686 for coaches. A non-profit organization employs PE teachers at a range of $30,723 to $56,000, while they employ coaches for between $30,895 and $47,596.


Schools and other organizations consider the area's cost of living, as well as demand, when deciding what salary to offer PE teachers and coaches. PayScale lists California as the highest paying state for PE teachers with a range of between $38,806, and $64,379, while New York ranks second with a range of $38,416 to $61,715. Massachusetts pays coaches the highest with a range of $20,020 to $59,780, and Texas comes in second with a range of $34,306 to $53,743.


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