How to Write a Movie Review for a Newspaper

  • See the movie. Bring a note pad with you and take notes about your impressions of the movie.
  • Write a rough draft of your review. Make sure that you have the names of the director, actors and any other pertinent information about the film. Write a brief plot summary and then a short opinion of two other elements of the film.
  • Type the first paragraph. This paragraph should include the name of the film, its stars, setting and genre.
    • Write a short plot summary in your second paragraph. Include details that give your audience a snapshot of the film. Do not give away any plot twists, or spoilers.
    • Focus on one element of the film (for example, acting, directing or cinematography) in the third paragraph. Analyze this aspect and discuss what is good or bad about it.
    • Write the fourth paragraph, which should focus on the other aspect of the film about which you made notes in the rough draft. Follow the third paragraph's format.
    • Compose the last paragraph. This paragraph gives readers your overall opinion of the film and your reaction to it. Recommend---or don't recommend---your audience see the movie.


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