How to Start Your Own Educational Learning Center

Write a business plan. This plan will help you define the objective and focus of your business. Resources such as Business Plan Pro and have templates and examples for writing business plans for starting educational business plans. In your business plan, you will address questions, such as “What services will I offer?” and “Where will the tutoring take place?”

Register your business with the IRS. All business should apply for an EIN (employee identification number) on the IRS website. The process is free, and you can submit the application online. Your EIN is required for filing for a business license.

Apply for business permits and licenses. The exact process and requirements vary from state to state -- contact your local small business authority for details on how to register your educational business with your state. Some states may require educational and tutoring businesses to have special certifications or permits; however, other states, such as South Carolina, do not. The Small Business Administration website has a complete list of state business licensure offices that will be able to identify the licensing requirements for your specific state (see Resources).


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