How to Create an Outline for a Healthy Eating Essay

The key to writing any essay outline is understanding your subject matter and the argument you wish to put forth. It's important to note that "healthy eating" differs from "healthy diets," in that a diet, at least in colloquial terms, refers to a temporary adjustment of eating habits, whereas "healthy eating" is a lifelong commitment. Using that as a platform, creating an outline can assist in organizing ideas to create a coherent piece.
Label your first section with the first Roman numeral (I). Begin by discussing unhealthy eating habits. It may surprise a student of nutritional health how little the average person understands about a balanced diet. Break this section down into three parts and label them "1.," "2." and "3." Let this introduction serve to put forth the benefits of healthy eating, describe unhealthy eating patterns and their ill effects; and point out common misconceptions about unhealthy eating (for example, that many 'fruit juices' on the market contain very little actual juice). Under each of these three points, add lower case letters "a.," "b.," "c.," and, next to them, points you will discuss and references you will use. For example: 3. Common Misconceptions a. Fruit juices with low percentage actual juice b. Carbs and sugars c. Fast food vs. home cooked
Move on to the body of your argument. What falls under your Roman numeral (II) will likely be along the lines of "how to eat healthy everyday." To answer this, layout your outline as previously discussed. Refer to your text, if you're in a class, or another guide to help you solidify your facts. You may want to order this section (1) Healthy breakfast foods (2) Healthy Lunch options (3) Healthy Dinners. Or, you may want to break down your sections according to food groups (1) fruits and vegetables, (2) meats and fish. However you choose to organize your paragraphs, explain your healthy choices. You can order these explanations in your outline too. For instance:
  1. Healthy Breakfasts
    a. Reducing intake of foods high in cholesterol can improve heart health.
    b. A fruit or oat based breakfast contains high amounts of fiber which is better for digestion.
    c. Fruits contain natural sugars and vitamins which can increase energy.
Create a closing. The third Roman numeral to the essay outline is where you drive home your point. In your essay, you'll want to state your point clearly and concisely. It should look something like this: III. Conclusion 1. Healthy eating is a small thing you can do to greatly improve your health a. May seem hard to break old habits b. Will have a lasting impression on children and loved ones c. From an economic standpoint, buying fresh local food contributes to swaying the market toward healthier options


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