How to Cite a Disney Movie

When writing a research essay for a high school or college course, a page of citations must follow it. Commonly known as a bibliography or works cited page, these references help substantiate the information you use to support your arguments or claims within the body of your paper. Though books and online articles make up most bibliographies, any movies you discuss within your paper must also be cited. Make sure you use the correct format to reference a Disney film using MLA (Modern Languages Association) style.
  • Type the title of the film in italicized text, followed by a period and two spaces. Capitalize all words in the title when typing it out; for example, "Beauty And The Beast" rather than "Beauty and the Beast."
  • Follow the title with the director of the film. Abbreviation should be used where applicable, such as "Dir. Gary Trousdale" or "Perf. Paige O'Hara."
  • List the film studio (or distributor) and release date of the film. After the studio's name, place a comma and follow it with the release date (Walt Disney Studios, 1991).
    • ndicate what type of media the movie is. If it is a video cassette, type "Video cassette"; if it is a DVD, type "DVD."
    • Check the citation for accuracy and proper punctuation. Your citation should closely resemble the template below; remember that the title must be in italics.
      Beauty And The Beast. Dir. Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise. Perf. Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White, Jerry Orbach. Walt Disney Studios, 1991. Video cassette.


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