How to Become an Early Childhood Educational Consultant

  • free.getformsonline.comee in early childhood education from an accredited college or university. Areas of study should focus on research methodology, early education practices and techniques and mental and emotional child development. You may opt to go on to secure a master’s or doctoral degree if you have an interest in teaching early childhood development consulting in a higher education setting.

Secure an internship or job shadowing opportunity that will give you hands-on experience in one or more areas of specialized interest. The placement or career counseling office of your educational institution can assist you in identifying such opportunities. This approach will help you decide whether the career path you’re interested in is a good match in practice. It will also allow you to make contacts that could lead to future employment and consulting opportunities.

Narrow the focus of the career path you would like to pursue in early childhood education consulting. Options include working as a full- or part-time consultant for a public school district or a private school or as an independent contractor. An independent contractor is a self-employed position in which you will market yourself and your skills and services on a contractual basis to educational institutions.


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