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Dissertation Writing Assistance to Get Started with Composing a Dissertation

One of the most difficult elements of creating the dissertation is its commencing and keeping it on the course. So, what is the secret of composing the dissertation? The following dissertation writing assistance, constitutes easy methods to start writing the dissertation will also help you in completing it efficiently.
Top 3 Guide tips for Dissertation Writing
1. Begin from wherever you want
To begin with your dissertation, it is not essential to start with the introduction. Moreover, if you assume that to writing dissertation proposal must start with the introduction and ends it with the conclusion then it can halt the process of writing. Start it from the point you are most comfortable with and feel secure in writing your dissertation. Later fill in the gaps to maintain the flow of the dissertation. During the process, you will realize that you have gained the momentum and it has become easier for you to complete. Usually, students experience the difficulty in completing their task bec…


Everything should have a logical beginning and a logical end. You know that thing about logic. It applies to everything. When an athlete is running to the finish line he throws in every bit of his energy in the end because it’s always a close call of who the winner is. So conclusion is important because it completes the content and provides a sense of totality to the work. But on the contrary it has been observed that students don’t pay attention to the dissertation conclusion chapter.
This article is bound to teach you how to write a dissertation conclusion. The basic idea is to provide the readers with results of the research, summarizing all the findings. It should be short but elaboration. It should cover all the answers to the questions raised in the body of the dissertation.


Sometimes students start overemphasizing on only one factor and forget the rest which turns out to be bad for their dissertation. While writing dissertation conclusion always stay focused and …

Thesis vs Dissertation – 8 Basic Differences

Dissertation and thesis are considered to be same in many universities. Generalized definition of both, thesis and dissertation is same i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. Should this make us conclude that thesis vs dissertation is same? Although, dictionary holds the same definition for both the terms but it does not mean that there is no difference between thesis and dissertation.
There are several differences between thesis and dissertation that one should know in order to clarify the concept of thesis vs dissertation. A thesis is basically the requirement for Master’s degree while dissertation is the basic requirement to acquire the degree of doctorate. Let us review the 8 basic differences between thesis and dissertation in order to clarify our concept on thesis vs dissertation:

Thesis vs Dissertation

1. You have to utilize already collected information in order to prepare a thesis whereas dissertation is based on the research conducted all by yourself.

2. Dissertation …

How To Structure Thesis Dissertation

A thesis dissertation is one of the longest forms of writing so this cannot be produced overnight. It is rather a painstaking process that requires a great research and findings. Only then a great dissertation thesis can be created.
Introduction, body and conclusion is not enough for dissertation writing, instead it is something more than that. There are various steps involved in order to create a high standard dissertation thesis. Let us now discuss those steps in detail.


Abstract in a thesis dissertation is not included in the formal word count and it should not be more then 300 to 400 words. This is basically a short summary of what a reader should expect in the coming dissertation. Half of it should explain what you will be doing in the dissertation while the rest of it should give some recommendations.


An introduction should posses ten percent of your thesis dissertation; it is an overview of the work you will be doing in the dissertation. At first, introduce t…

Dissertation Writing Help: We help when others say it’s impossible

When the deadlines are near, and it seems that all hope is lost, students and researchers spend many a sleepless nights in the struggle to complete and submit their dissertations in time. However , even before signing up for a subject, all students are aware that a dissertation will have to be submitted at the end to achieve the degree. A very important question that must arise in the reader’s mind at this point is what causes such delay in the completion of a dissertation?

Is it that most students and researchers are procrastinators who delay their projects until the deadline knocks on their doors? Or are there some other reasons behind this delay? Our experts suggest that in 90% of the cases, getting the dissertation proposal accepted takes longer than making the dissertation itself, and while writing a literature review seems like a daunting and lengthy endeavor, it is a walk in the park when compared to actual collection of primary data.
The whole process of writing the findings, di…


No matter how big or fast your car is, if you do not know how to start it, its no good to you. It is the same with your dissertation. If you are unable to write an effective dissertation introduction, although you have conducted a ground breaking research, you are not getting exactly what you thought.
Then how should I write for my dissertations introduction chapter? Drive the readers through your dissertation, explain where they are, where are they going, and what they are going to find out when they are through. The ideas provided in this article are meant to help you writing the first chapter of your dissertation The dissertation introduction chapter.
A basic idea
An ideal dissertation introduction should not be any longer than 2 pages or approximately 200 words keeping in mind that it can effectively and clearly present your hypothesis. If you have conducted a research on a broad topic then you can extend it to 300 words but no more than that. Do not add any information which is not d…

Learn to Write your Dissertation findings and analysis chapter exclusively

This particular area deals with reporting and discussing your dissertation findings and analysis. In a doctoral thesis, this can contain numerous chapters. This is exactly where a person presents the information that forms the foundation of the analysis.
In this part of research, composing there is a lot of variation. How a outcomes of particular evaluation tend to be offered is going to be different since the queries people want to solve will vary. In most instances, although, the actual demonstration must have the reasonable organization, which displays:

• the actual aim of research question from the project, includes any hypothesis  which have been examined

• the study techniques as well as theoretical framework which have been outlined  previously in the thesis


Every section requires a good introduction outlining its organization.

Next, the organization will be different based on the type of research being documented. Here are a few essential concepts with regard to confirming…