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How to write a literature review in 2 days

A literature review is difficult to write because throughout the years of your university you are doing assignments, projects, reports, presentations but none of that involves extensive research and deep critical thinking. When you begin you look at a literature review example or two and start writing away but organization of the information becomes tough and we understand that. This is why we unfold how to write a literature review in just 2 days. Day 1

Step 1.

Create an outline around the points you will make. This will allow you to organize and systematically arrange your extensive materials in order. Start filling in the details on your outline. This will allow you to keep your focus on your chosen topic and will keep you from straying away.

Step 2.

The review should be started with a thesis statement followed by your introductory paragraph, the main body of your review, which is divided into sub-bodies, and lastly the conclusion. Your review will first bring together the knowledge you…

How Did I Get My Dissertation Approved?

One fine morning I woke up, packed my bag and went to my university. I was in the last semester of my PhD course work. After the class, it was announced that all the students who are taking classes in the final course work semester need to submit dissertation proposal for the approval of final dissertation writing.
I took it easy and though that it would be a piece of cake, as I used to think myself a genius. But, when I started to write dissertation proposal, I came to know that it isn't that easy. The basic pattern of the dissertation proposal was:

Abstract of the research
Introduction of the topic
A brief explanation of the literature review
Key questions to be answered in the Dissertation
Methodology going to be used in the Dissertation
Conclusion and expected result  I started to fill all the gaps mentioned in the dissertation proposal paper, and submitted it to my supervisor. But, for the better luck, it wasn't approved. I got confused and found myself less motivated. I was aske…

6 Secrets of Writing a Good Dissertation

For most of the students, the idea of writing the dissertation is quite daunting as it is considered to be the longest writing task in a person’s life and most of them feel spooky about it. For this purpose, they search over the internet to get a guideline for writing a good dissertation, this is why, and we have decided to give them a handful of information on writing the dissertation.
1. Student should stick to the standard of writing the dissertation:

If you have been given the proper guideline than there is no need to consult the internet but if you don’t have it than it is better that you ask your supervisor about it. If a student wants to be assessed high, he needs to stick to the standards of his college, so make sure you are following all of them. If you are confused about any issue, then ask your supervisor about it.

2. Make sure, you are meeting all the rules of citation:
It is of utmost importance that a dissertation is an original production of a student, by this, we mean that…