How to Start a Distance Learning Company

Establish a mission and purpose for your company. Each distance learning company should have a mission and purpose for why it exists. Some may exist to offer courses to students while others may exist to connect people through activities and hobbies. Knowing the purpose will come in handy when determining what classes to offer and how to market them.
Buy or develop software for online classes. To have a distance learning company, you must have a method for delivering classes and information, such as Blackboard or Moodle. You can develop your own software if you know how to do programming for software and computers. While the latter will take more time, you have the option to customize the software entirely to the needs of your distance learning company.
Decide what courses your company will offer. The continued development of the web has made it possible for you to teach almost anything over the Internet. The focus of your distance learning company will help determine what you offer online. If your aim is to attract students needing courses for high school or college, the classes you offer will be more academic. If your aim is to reach out to the community and teach new skills, however, you can offer more leisurely classes such as photography, cooking or floral arranging.
Create a website to promote your distance learning company and courses. While you can use additional methods to market your business, you’ll want to establish a website that contains all the information people might need when they have questions or want to learn more about a class or your company. Of course you should always include contact information in case people have a question that isn’t answered on your website.
Set rates for the courses. Once you’ve figured out what you plan to offer, it’s important to determine how much it’s going to cost. The price you charge people to take a class should cover your operating expenses for your company.
Hire teachers and support staff as needed. Each course, unless it is self-study, will need to have a teacher assigned to it. You can often find individuals who are willing to teach one or two classes for a relatively low rate. In addition, you may need to hire support staff to field phone calls, enroll people and take payment.

Promote the courses you offer through your distance learning company. Marketing and advertising via the Internet is usually the most effective route since students and attendees are often spread out across the globe.


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