How to Organize a Vacation Itinerary in Microsoft Excel

  • Create a new workbook in Microsoft Excel and save it as "Location" where Location is where you plan to go. This name will be useful to you years from now if you want to find this itinerary again.
  • Create two blank sheets. Call the first sheet "Ideas" and the second sheet "Timeline."
  • In the Idea sheet, add the following headings in Row 1: "Location," "Attraction," "Cost," "Plans," "Hours" and "Notes." If desired, substitute "Hotel" for "Location."
  • As you research your vacation, fill in this sheet with any and all attractions that you might want to see. This list will prove useful when planning your timeline.
  • Moving on to the Timeline tab, starting in Row 1 Column B, add a header for each day you will be traveling. Write the day of the week in the row underneath as this will make planning easier.
  • In Column A, enter in times from 8 a.m. to midnight, in half-hour increments. Start your timeline earlier if you have early flights or plan to get up earlier each day. Add borders and colors as you see fit.
  • Enter all events on this timeline that cannot be changed, such as flight times, restaurant reservations and theater tickets. Mark these events with a specific color border to remind you that these cannot change.
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  • Now you can fill in the rest of the empty times by pulling ideas from your Ideas list and filling in your timeline. Use boxes and colors as you see fit to indicate events that you have planned and how long you think they'll last.
  • Continue this process until your whole sheet is filled in with everything you wanted to do. Return to your Ideas sheet as you work to track ideas that still need to be scheduled.
  • Edit your timeline and rearrange plans as you see fit until it's time to travel. If you keep text on your timeline short, you should be able to fit it on one page and therefore only have one piece of paper to carry.


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