Writing Thesis Dissertation Made Easy

Usually students don’t know how to write a thesis dissertation resulting in a total detriment of their grades. Most of the people still believe that the structure for writing a thesis dissertation is the same as writing some essay or term paper. For their information, writing a thesis and dissertation requires a totally different format. To make students get rid of this problem, we have decided to provide a proper format for writing a thesis dissertation.


Remember that abstract will not be considered in the formal word count and that it should not be more than three hundred to four hundred words. Abstract is a short central idea of what a reader should expect to come in the coming paragraphs. Half of the abstract should posses the points that will be elaborated in the thesis and dissertation while rest would be highlighting some recommendations.


It should comprise of only ten percent of your thesis dissertation while giving an overview of the work that will be coming in detail in the coming dissertation. The beginning of the dissertation will be introducing the topic then a short description of some points and then underlining the goals of the dissertation.

Literature review:

It should constitute only twenty percent of your thesis dissertation; you must introduce at least ten references in the dissertation and two to three theories, also highlighting the research questions in your literature review.

Methodology in your dissertation:

This chapter would be discussing the research program of your dissertation which should constitute twenty percent of your whole dissertation. In order to decide what methodology should be incorporated in the thesis and dissertation, one should go back to the literature review and read the research questions.


The discussion chapter would be divided into two parts, that is; the deep analysis of the research work and the final discussion which should comprise of the thirty percent of your whole thesis dissertation.


Wrap up your work into two sub-categories, that is; the final conclusion and some future recommendations.


Make sure, you are properly citing all the resources you have used in your thesis and dissertation, this will save you from the accusation of plagiarism in your work.


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