Dissertation Layout

Dissertation writing is not an easy task to be accomplished. You have to go through a lot for dissertation and the block where you have to start on your dissertation is a dissertation layout. Here are the points that you should consider for dissertation layouts:

• Develop a title page with your main heading placed at the center; then leave about 4-5 line spaces to write your name, university and department where you study.

• Thank every person who has aid you even a bit for your dissertation writing.

• Create a table of contents for with the chapters that relate your subject matter and mention the page number for each chapter.

• Abstract is an essence of a dissertation layout. You should portray synopsis about your dissertation with strong arguments in the abstract.

• Refer to cites that may assist you in background study for dissertation; then move on to develop your dissertation proposal.

• Share your own point of views about the research methodologies that the great scholars have adopted in past in order to review your literature in a comprehensive manner.

• Use questionnaires, surveys and other research tools to find out more about the subject matter you have been assigned to do.

• Conclude your dissertation with critical points to give your dissertation, a final touch.

• Don’t forget to mention the references at the end of your dissertation.

• If you have some extra information to share; only then use appendices.

In a nut shell, dissertation layouts are first to be considered whenever you have been assigned to submit a dissertation.


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