5 Simple Steps To Write Your Dissertation Proposal In No Time

A dissertation proposal is written first and approved before actually writing one’s dissertation. A dissertation proposal consists of an introduction and a short summary of the methods to be used in one’s dissertation.

Sometimes it takes a great pain in writing dissertation proposal research for a student as there are many chance of it to get bounced back, so we have compiled 5 effective ways to denigrate the chances of one’s dissertation proposal being rejected:

1st step:

You topic should be as specific as possible, make sure it as narrow enough that you are able to limit your research work. It should be totally pertinent to your field and work. If we take the example of humanities, you can select one particular area “Paul Ricoeur’s depth linguistic is the best”.

2nd step:

Are you clear about what you want to say through your dissertation proposal, for this you can jot down a list of different thesis statement ideas and then select the best one as the thesis statement gives a clear picture of what the dissertation proposal will contain.

3rd step:

Most of the schools have standard guidelines for their students. This will provide a path to structure your proposal after you have gone through the stage of thesis statement. For this purpose, consult your instructor so what he might guide you of what should be included in your proposal.

4rth step:

Start working on your research proposal as soon as you are completed with the above steps. Don’t worry you will go through it.

5th step:

Your dissertation is something that should be very important for you, so make sure your research proposal is very well written. It is your life-long project, consider your dissertation proposal as your main thing to earn you a degree.


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