Writing Up Dissertation With Some Easy Steps!

Writing up dissertation doesn’t seem to be an easy task for the student nowadays for they have so much other things to do and this assignment needs undivided attention to completed on time. This is why we have decided to compiles some easy steps for the students to cope up with this issue effectively.

Writing Dissertations that works:

Step no. 1:

Check if you have all then notes and lectures taken during the classes and the seminars so that you have the required knowledge in writing up dissertation easily. Also, make sure you have got that form in your hands in which you have been provided the standard writing format of dissertation as different colleges have different standards of writing dissertations.

Step no.2

Let me divide your dissertation in ten sections, 1st, 2nd and 3rd would be in roman numerals and containing acknowledgments, index page and the abstract respectively. After these pages, every section would be numbered in English numbers. Four to eight sections would comprise of five chapters that will be discussed later on. Ninth will be of appendices while tenth will be containing references.

Step no.3:

Gather as much information as possible keeping in mind the relevancy of the topic. Also note down the bibliography of all the resources you are using, this will help you save a lot of time in the end

Step no.4:

Chapter four to eight will be containing the five chapters where you would be discussing the doctoral research where chapter one would be of introduction that will be stating the problem in a concise form.

Step no.5:

This is the section called as literature review, where you have to find the literature work done on the same topic. You just have to provide a review on the literature found.

Step no.6:

Here comes the methodology chapter where you will be deciding how you would conduct the research program. Like what type of method of investigation you would be employing in your dissertation.

Step no.7:

Finally, this is the results section where you would be illustrating the results using the SPSS program.

Step no.8:

This is the discussion chapter where you will be providing the comments that are relevant to the results.

Step no.9:

The last section would be containing the references and bibliography; this will help your work not to be categorized as a plagiarist work.

If you are still confused in writing your dissertation than you can also consult dissertation writing service that can found on the internet easily.


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