Observing The Difference - Thesis vs Dissertation

Several universities agree with the view point that: There is no difference between thesis and dissertation even definition of thesis vs dissertation is same i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. Is this sufficient for us to conclude that thesis and dissertation is same?

If you analyze the terms, thesis vs dissertation in a broader point of view; you will see some differences between the two. A thesis is usually required by students to earn their Master’s degree while dissertation is a mandatory requirement for doctorate students.

If you will seek out the difference between thesis and dissertation; you will observe the following points in comparison of thesis vs dissertation:

• Dissertation consumes more time from the students to get completed because they are lengthy while thesis is completed by students in a short span of time since it is concise.

• Thesis work is primarily based on the secondary research whereas dissertations are based upon the original research.

• Thesis is basically written by students to earn scholarships. In contrast to thesis, dissertations are not usually written to get scholarships rather students write them for academic purposes.

• In dissertation, students have to list down the major findings concerning with their topic whereas thesis demand students to conduct a hypothesis based on their research work.

• Arguments play the major role in a thesis. In contrast to thesis, students need to focus on their background research for dissertation.

• A thesis is more like an academic research paper while dissertations are usually written in form of a book.

• Students conclude their viewpoint on the basis of research work in thesis while major findings aid students to infer their conclusion in dissertation.

• Thesis is based on the hypothetical analysis of contents. In contrast to thesis, dissertation is comprised of theory and argumentation based on original research.


Points listed above are the 8 ways of comparing thesis vs dissertation. Last but not least, the points listed above for difference between thesis and dissertation will reverse in the countries where dissertation is the basic requirement to earn the Master’s degree and thesis to earn a doctorate.


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