Learn How To Format Dissertation Reports

You have selected an excellent topic and have worked diligently on your dissertation but now… Are you scared to lose marks since you are finding it difficult to format your report for dissertation?

Different universities have different formatting requirements. You should first look at the university guidelines before formatting your dissertation reports. It is imperative that you

follow the guidelines otherwise; your dissertation will be disapproved.A general dissertation pattern includes
  • Cover page
The cover page should have your name, thesis title, ID no., degree, program, student name, school and year.

Writing format

1. Paper, Font Size and Style

First thing to know is your paper size. Usually it is A4 (21.6 x 28 cm), but again it’s important to consult your advisor, it will be also helpful if you confirm the font size and style. Usually font Times new roman is used with size 12.

2. Margins and Page Format

Find out about the margins top, bottom, left, right, generally 3 cm margins top and left side, 2.5 cm bottom and right sides. Verify if the line spacing is 1.5. Also, find out about the head height, Head separation, Footer and Footer separation.
Find out about the printing, whether you are allowed to do double printing or have to do single printing.

3. Page Numbering:

Find out where you are required to put the page numbers. It could be in the header or the footer, could be in the center or at the corner of the page.
Moreover in the acknowledgement and abstract pages use Roman numbers (i,ii,iii…) whereas in the body of the dissertation use of numerical numbers is preferred(1,2,3…) also remember not to put page numbers on the cover and title pages.


1. The Abstract:

Abstract is the summary of your dissertation. The length of the abstract is different for every dissertation, it usually depends on your subject and sometimes also on your university requirements.

2. Acknowledgements:

In this part, you usually thank those who have helped you in your dissertation work and obtaining your degree. It is generally found after the abstract page.

3. List of tables, figures, illustrations

All the tables figures and illustrations used in the dissertation should be mentioned with proper page numberings.
  • Body of the report
The body usually begins with chapter1: introduction. All the chapters are divided into sections with separate headings.

1. Chapter1: Introduction

2. Chapter2: Theories

3. Chapter2: Methodology

4. Chapter3: Results and discussion

5. Chapter4: conclusion and future work

List of references

The references are done when facts, ideas or statements are cited. The reference should consist of author’s surname and initials, year of publication, title of publication, Edition, publisher and place of publication.

Submitting your dissertation report

Find out the submission deadline of your dissertation and always complete your work before the submission date. Find out how many bound copies are required.


It contains the copies of all the documents used for research process. Research instrument, research data everything is mentioned in the appendix.

Do not worry if you are stuck with your dissertation formatting, follow the pattern mentioned above along with the guidance from your university and get your dissertation reports approved with glorying grades.


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