Proving something to you and proving something to others is different. The latter one comes with a lot more pressure. Dissertation defense presentation is an example. Unlike other dissertation presentations you have to skillfully defend your carefully prepared dissertation defense presentation in front of a board of people who are better equipped with knowledge as well as questions. Students mostly just give way to the questions and drop their will at the first sign of trouble.

These are a few things to help you in your dissertation defense presentation.

See that all the arrangements are good. The machines you need are in their place and are in good working position.
Try to get some knowledge about the members of the board and find out their likes and dislikes.
Practice your dissertation defense presentation in front of the mirror or your friends.
Always believe in your knowledge and try to defend it with certainty.
Confidence matters. Don’t go squirming. Maintain eye contact with the board members.
Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Just keep it smooth.


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