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Observing The Difference - Thesis vs Dissertation

Several universities agree with the view point that: There is no difference between thesis and dissertation even definition of thesis vs dissertation is same i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. Is this sufficient for us to conclude that thesis and dissertation is same?

If you analyze the terms, thesis vs dissertation in a broader point of view; you will see some differences between the two. A thesis is usually required by students to earn their Master’s degree while dissertation is a mandatory requirement for doctorate students.

If you will seek out the difference between thesis and dissertation; you will observe the following points in comparison of thesis vs dissertation:

• Dissertation consumes more time from the students to get completed because they are lengthy while thesis is completed by students in a short span of time since it is concise.

• Thesis work is primarily based on the secondary research whereas dissertations are based upon the original research.

• Thesis is…

Writing Up Dissertation With Some Easy Steps!

Writing up dissertation doesn’t seem to be an easy task for the student nowadays for they have so much other things to do and this assignment needs undivided attention to completed on time. This is why we have decided to compiles some easy steps for the students to cope up with this issue effectively.

Writing Dissertations that works:

Step no. 1:

Check if you have all then notes and lectures taken during the classes and the seminars so that you have the required knowledge in writing up dissertation easily. Also, make sure you have got that form in your hands in which you have been provided the standard writing format of dissertation as different colleges have different standards of writing dissertations.

Step no.2

Let me divide your dissertation in ten sections, 1st, 2nd and 3rd would be in roman numerals and containing acknowledgments, index page and the abstract respectively. After these pages, every section would be numbered in English numbers. Four to eight sections would comprise of f…


Everything should have a logical beginning and a logical end. You know that thing about logic. It applies to everything. When an athlete is running to the finish line he throws in every bit of his energy in the end because it’s always a close call of who the winner is. So conclusion is important because it completes the content and provides a sense of totality to the work. But on the contrary it has been observed that students don’t pay attention to the dissertation conclusion chapter.
This article is bound to teach you how to write a dissertation conclusion. The basic idea is to provide the readers with results of the research, summarizing all the findings. It should be short but elaboration. It should cover all the answers to the questions raised in the body of the dissertation.


Sometimes students start overemphasizing on only one factor and forget the rest which turns out to be bad for their dissertation. While writing dissertation conclusion always stay focused and …


Submitting a dissertation has become regular practice for completion of any degree nowadays. It is the most important work for scoring a good grade for any degree. But how should it be done? How should you choose the topic and conduct the research. If you think you will go to a library or a website and start looking for books or articles and read all of them analyze them and put the information on paper and get your desired grades, wake up. You need a dissertation writing guide.
The section below is a dissertation guide which will help you improve your writing skills. Unlike most dissertation writing guides who just give you an overview, this guide will provide you in depth details of everything you need for your dissertation.


The following part of this dissertation guide will help you to choose a topic keeping Interest, feasibility and benefits in mind. The rule of thumb is to follow two basic rules while making your choice.

SELECT Never choose a topic for which a lot …

6 Key Points Of Writing A Good Dissertation

Writing the dissertation for students is sometimes a great pain as it is not only time consuming but also requires a hard work and extensive research. This is the reason they finds internet as their best friend and start searching over it to find out the techniques to come up with a good dissertation and this is the sole reason why I have decided to compile six point for you in writing a good dissertation.

1. Write on the standard format or dissertation:

There is always a format for writing a good dissertation; you just need to simply follow it. You must be provided with the outline when assigning a dissertation but if you are not then you can always ask your instructor to guide you to cope with this issue.

2. Follow the standard citation style:

It is the basic requirement of any college or university that a dissertation is the original production of the students, this can only be done by properly documenting the resources and there are many ways of citing the resources, like, APA, MLA, H…

Step By Step Guide To Writing Dissertations

You have finally decide to write a dissertation on your own and also want to finish it before the deadline than you surely have to get any dissertation writing help so that you can easily cope with the situation. You have to search over the internet for guide to writing dissertation or how to write a dissertation or you can also go through the following article to come up with a good piece of work. But you have to remember that dissertation writing services has nothing to do with writing an essay or term paper, these two things are totally different from each other.

So, here we are providing you some tips on writing a dissertation:

Selecting a dissertation topic:

Before you actually start writing a dissertation, you need to think for an interesting topic that should not only be relevant to your subject but also maintain your interest. In this way, you will enjoy writing a dissertation and will be able to complete it before deadline. These little words will have an immense effect on your …


Change is the only process which never ends. In an organization change can be required for many reasons. It can be on any level individual or organizational. When writing a change management dissertation, keep the following guidelines in your mind.
Change management dissertation should be focused on one of these change management dissertations topics .
Why a change is required? Problem identification based change management. How to avoid your change management becoming a nightmare? Requirements for change management. People involved in change management.
In your change management dissertation always talk about individual change management.
For individual change management the performance, skills, feasibility, salary increments, work grasp, efforts and team work are to be evaluated.
For this part of your change management dissertation these points are to be focused on
The fitness, the activity and the motivatio…


Proving something to you and proving something to others is different. The latter one comes with a lot more pressure. Dissertation defense presentation is an example. Unlike other dissertation presentations you have to skillfully defend your carefully prepared dissertation defense presentation in front of a board of people who are better equipped with knowledge as well as questions. Students mostly just give way to the questions and drop their will at the first sign of trouble.
These are a few things to help you in your dissertation defense presentation.
See that all the arrangements are good. The machines you need are in their place and are in good working position. Try to get some knowledge about the members of the board and find out their likes and dislikes. Practice your dissertation defense presentation in front of the mirror or your friends. Always believe in your knowledge and try to defend it with certainty. Confidence matters. Don’t go squirming. Maintain eye contact wi…


It happens when you think you know everything about something but when you have to write something about it you can’t write a thing. Sports dissertations can be an example. You think you know every thing about sports but when you start writing you don’t find words to put on the paper.
That’s because it’s a part of our everyday life and it’s in our subconscious that we know all about sports. Writing sports dissertations can be a tough ask if that’s the case with you.
Here are a few guidelines to writing sports dissertations
Choosing a topic can be hard because you don’t know what exactly you should write about a sport. You r advisor can help you with this. Talk to your advisor about some potential topics and choose one of them.
Grab the attention of your readers by writing about something which is now and here. Give something which the reader wants to know about. E.g. dope issues.
Format has to be chosen before you write your sports dissertations. Be it qualitative or quantitative.


“I try to leave out the parts that people skip”, Elmore Leonard
May be he should have tried writing those parts in a better way. Of course nobody is perfect. But u can’t do that with your dissertation. Can you? Because in your dissertation every single word every single dot bears its own position and if it’s not there it will be like a 10 story building without the 3rd story.

Writing your dissertation contents in the form of a table can help your readers and yourself in various ways. It can make your dissertation a lot easier to go through for potential readers and of course who doesn’t like things arranged in a manner. People don’t want to waste time looking for some specific information in your dissertation. With dissertation table of contents they can easily move to any part of your dissertation.


A dissertation content table is like a thorough plan of an upcoming academic text. It’s basically the outline of your dissertation.


Most …

How to use example of dissertation.

This is the first time you are writing a dissertation but have no idea how to write it. Why don’t you seek for a dissertation example to devise a winning dissertation?

Students usually need help when writing a dissertation. They seek for examples that can help them in their dissertation writing. It is customary to look for an example of dissertation for developing a clear understanding of the process.

Following are the 5 points that will help you in using a dissertation example:

1. You should be careful that you do not present the questionnaires or investigation reports matching with the example as it will result in an allegation of copying. It will not glow your originality, investigate and examination abilities.

2. Dissertation example will be useful to you in creating a layout as it is already a well-structured paper and you can compare your own project with this document. It will let you know the faults and errors if you have made in your project.

3. There are a lot of online channels …

Best Way of Using Templates for Dissertation

The main purpose of dissertation template is to assist you in writing your dissertation. It will guide with the main element of writing extensive dissertation and will also provide you with instructions in the composition. If you are writing for first time, then you might need outline.

Dissertation outline contains all the necessary chapters of writing: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data, Results and Conclusion. You will get these outlines online or from the library of your university.

For the beginners, it is an outline that guides about the formatting and structure of dissertation.

Here are 9 of the useful tips to guide you for dissertation writing:

1. Begin with the selection of a topic. Your topic or research question should be specified, focusing only on the issue or point of discussion. Your topic should invoke interest and curiosity in the readers. It should be relevant and related to your subject.

2. Stay focus to your fonts, font size, writing methods, and sub-head…


Nobody told you how to write a bibliography? This article will take you through the process of bibliography in a nice and easy way.

A detailed list of all the works you have cited to constitute your dissertation is called bibliography. Be it a magazine, a book or an article. This last small piece of work can be very helpful to you and your reader. It may sound tiresome but it is vital to your dissertation.

If you want to learn how to write a bibliography. These nine key points will help you write your bibliography effectively.

I. There is a special format for all kinds of references. Be careful about these formats.
II. Update your record every time you use a reference. You won’t be able to that in the end.
III. Keep in mind the basics of writing.
IV. Mention the authors’ names in alphabetical order. Use (et al) for multiple writers.
V. Mention the name of the city only not the country.
VI. Write down the entire publishers name in publishing order.
VII. Use only the registered title.
VIII. Menti…

7 Points Which Students Have To Keep In Mind For Coming With Winning Titles For Dissertation

The titles for dissertation are what create the first impression on the reader. At this point, the reader will make up his mind whether he wants to read further or not. Therefore, the title must be interesting and relating to your dissertation, giving a short summary of the document.

Selection of a good dissertation title is critical for students since it takes month’s to come up with a title for their dissertation. Students have to consume more time for choosing a suitable title for their dissertation than the time they may take for writing whole dissertation.

Here are seven points which can help students in coming with successful titles for dissertation:

• Title for a dissertation should be simple so that the reader can understand the thought of your dissertation without ambiguities. You should avoid using technical terminologies in a dissertation title since technical terms will make it tricky for a reader to understand the point of your dissertation.
• You should create a dissertatio…

Read the Article and Get Started with Your MSc Dissertation project Right Away!

Not sure, how to go about writing your Msc project dissertation that will get accepted instantly allowing you to fulfill your dreams and make you loved ones proud.

You need to realize that composing a good MSc dissertation project is not that simple as creating publications documents. It provides an apparent observation for the examiner regarding what all you have comprehended through your specific training course. Because it's the most significant document of your graduation, it takes night and day efforts as well as extreme research to write a dissertation.

Therefore, this article provides you with Ideas that will help you create your own project dissertations successfully

1- Deciding on research theme of your interest

What makes the dissertation intriguing could be the reality of making your own personal notions and ideas of a subject matter, and demonstrating the entire world that your ideas are correct. Picking a matter of one's attention, is not going to look like performing…

Avoid Common Mistakes By Using the PhD Dissertation Example

Following is a PhD dissertation example that details the sections and contents of the doctoral level dissertation

Copyright Dissertation Page: Put this page in the pretext section; however, do not give any page count to it.
The Certification Page: It is the page that includes an approved certificate from the committee. This page is placed in the pretext section without any page number.
The tile page: On this page, you put the title of your research with the researcher, supervisor and institute name, and date. It comes in the pretext section without page number.
The Dedication Page: In this page, the researcher acknowledges the support of people who have helped him in carrying out his educational studies. It is an optional page in the pretext section without page number.
The Acknowledgement and/or Preface Page: In this page, the researcher thanks those who have helped him conduct the research. This page also comes in the pretext section but has a roman page number centrally aligned on it.

Follow The Tips for Writing Doctoral Dissertation Properly

Writing doctoral dissertation is one of the hardest tasks for the PhD students. University students feel lost during the composing and compiling stage of the dissertation and usually they fail to find any precise guidelines or any assistance in this regard. In the following section of the article, students will find tips to start the process of dissertation writing that will enable them to complete the project quickly.

Start with a powerful dissertation outline. Months before the deadline for completing the dissertation approaches, you ought to start considering the most appropriate layout for your dissertation, so that you are able to introduce your most powerful views and arguments in the best possible way, particularly if it entails lots of data and numbers. Devise an easy strategy for your PhD dissertation writing as it then becomes achievable. It includes a list of content that will be included in the actual dissertation as well as its placement. It may be a fundamental listing of…