I’ve just finished my LLB and I opted for the dissertation module. My dissertation was only 12,000 words but I managed to pull a 2:1 in it, so here is my advice on how to write a good dissertation to all those students seeking help with dissertation writing;

1) Get it clear in your head how the chapters and going to be divided and buy your self some folders to cover each chapter.

2) Begin as soon as possible with the research for each chapter, any current events relevant, print them off and put under the respective folder (its really hard otherwise to find archive stories you remember from months ago)

3) Look into the resources available to you, e.g. British Library Inter-loan. Also look to see if your uni is involved with any library share schemes with other uni libraries.

4) Use as many sources as you can, however peer reviewed journals are the best. Also look to films, documentaries, speeches, hansard. This variety enriches your research.

5) Ensure you follow the citation procedure closely. Are using OSCOLA, Harvard... correctly?

6) Read eloquent and articulate journals, force yourself to read them and try so adopt there style into your own writing, it will push your work up to a whole new level.

7) Ensure your first chapter is intriguing and forces the reader to carry on reading. Pour your passion into the first chapter, albeit in a third person perspective.

8) My supervisor told me a good dissertation should have 150+ footnotes. Has yours?

9) Try to study in different places at different times. This sounds weird, I thought it sounded weird when my supervisor told me, but it does really help. I split my study spaces between home, my uni library and I visited another uni and used their library.

10) Take care of yourself. Ensure yourself plenty of time, eat well, drink plenty (water).

11) Spend a nice sum on binding your dissertation; marks are usually awarded for presentation and makes it feel its worthy to be read.


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