How to Write the Introduction of an Extended Essay

Writing an introduction to an extended essay can be difficult, but with the right preparation it is possible to accomplish. You should first do research on your essay topic and then use your introduction as a way to discuss what your primary arguments will be in the essay. The introduction should then end with a clear and concise thesis statement.
  • Analyze what others wrote on your topic. Also state your disagreements and agreements on their views and why. This is a good way to transition into your thesis statement because you're starting the introduction by stating what your opinions are on the topic at hand and comparing what experts are saying to your research.
  • Don't squeeze too much in the introduction. Your goal is to give readers a synopsis of what you're arguing for and you'll use the rest of the paper to give evidence for your argument. Also don't start the introduction with the evidence for your claim because this will confuse readers.
  • Start the introduction with a relevant example. For example, if you're writing an essay that informs people on the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and current developments there, start with a brief history of the AIDS pandemic in South Africa then transition into the current state of affairs.


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