How to Become a Marketing Manager. A marketing manager is responsible for finding and developing customer bases for a company's products. The marketing manager, along with assistants, product development managers and the market research team, is responsible for designing and implementing the company's marketing plan. Generally requiring long hours, extensive travel and several years of experience in the field, marketing managers have a demanding career that is often rewarded with competitive benefits packages. Read on to learn more.

Maximize your Marketing Management Potential

Begin with the recommended education. The minimum educational requirement for a marketing manager is a B.A. or B.S. in marketing, business management or a particular company's field, such as engineering. Many employers require an MBA as well.
Cultivate your practical marketing knowledge by volunteering or interning with a marketing company. Shadowing a marketing manager, where you follow the manager on her daily routine and occasionally offer suggestions and ask questions, is another good way to gain experience while in school.
Spend 3 to 5 years in lower-level jobs such as marketing assistant, sales representative, market researcher or customer service representative to enhance your background skills and gain the necessary experience you'll need to become a marketing manager.
Consider joining a public speaking organization or enrolling in a creative or technical writing class to continue developing your written and oral communication skills.
Demonstrate a willingness to relocate, as transfers between a company's home office and various branches can increase your chances for promotion.
Participate in management-training programs or continuing education at your local business college to further hone your skills and highlight your commitment to your career development.


Focus your high school and university academic studies on marketing. Further your education with an MBA to become a more competitive applicant. Look for internships or volunteer work in marketing to increase your work experience while gaining the skills necessary to become a marketing manager.


Know that competition for management careers in marketing is quite stiff. Be prepared to start out in an entry-level job and spend several years working your way up to management. Consider that long hours and frequent traveling can take a dramatic toll on a manager's social and family life.


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