A dissertation defense presentation differs from other dissertation presentations in the sense that you are facing different kind of people .i.e. the most qualified and acknowledged people in your institute.

Your dissertation defense presentation is the climax of all your hard work with your dissertation. It’s not that hard. Trust me. All you need is some confidence and preparation; your knowledge will do the rest.

To add all that counts to your dissertation defense presentation here are some guidelines.

• See to it that you know how all the instruments work and they are in good condition.
• Try to know your professors better than ever before so that you can do what they like.
• Practice your dissertation defense presentation as much as you can.
• Trust your knowledge and answer the questions like you are the most qualified person to answer it.
• Show your confidence; don’t take your eyes off the board member.
• It happens to everyone; it’s not something designed to trap you, every student has to do it which includes your professors.


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