5 Tips for Writing Good Nursing Dissertation

You have studied hard during the year but still it’s not easy to develop your own nursing dissertation? What if, you get an effective guidance to start the thesis without being anxious about the exclusivity of your work or getting low grades?

Nursing dissertations are mainly based on academic theories. A thorough research must be done to find out the problems and issues faced by the health community. It revolves around the affects of lifestyle and awareness on the health of a person. Such topics are successful in academic community of health sciences.

A lot of research, analysis and hard work are required to deal with the dissertation for nursing.
Following 5 steps will provide a complete guidance for your nursing dissertation:

1. Take guidance from supervisor

Before writing a dissertation on nursing, it is important to take guidance from your supervisor. In health field, constant developments are being made every day. Therefore, a dissertation should be such that it adds something novel to the field. Supervisor’s usually have vast experience and knowledge and are therefore, in a better position to guide you.

2. Select topic of substantial academic importance

Health science is an immense subject. Daily thousand of papers are written on one aspect of the subject or another. This is important because with the advancement in science and technology, new discoveries are being made every second and extensive research is required to validate these discoveries.

+ Occupational health
+ Midwifery
+ Emergency care
+ Mental health
+ Environment health
You should make it a point that whatever topic you choose it must be of substantial academic importance. Numerous websites also help by providing topics but it depends on you to choose it wisely.

3. Be careful while selecting guides from internet

While writing dissertation, it is important to seek guidance from an expert or consult any authentic source. It is for this reason many student look for guides available on the internet. These guides are usually not up to the mark and mostly student lose marks while following such guides.

Therefore, be sure that the pattern you are selecting for your dissertation must be up to the standards since dissertation is usually done at higher levels of your education career.

4. Be careful about plagiarism

Plagiarism is something you should be very careful. Even a small thing copied from someone else’s work could be taken as plagiarism and you will lose marks or even fail your dissertation. Originality and authenticity should be given most importance.

5. Be specific about research parameters

Be specific in what you are writing. Verbosity and adding irrelevant stuff will help you complete your word limit but does not gain you marks. Therefore, it’s important to stay pertinent to your topic. Analyze your ideas and focus your thoughts on one section of the dissertation at a time.

Writing nursing dissertations is tedious especially when you are not sure how to go about it. Follow the aforementioned five points and save yourself from stress and doing a hasty job.


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