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Dissertation Report Format

Are you wondering what the format of your dissertation report should be? You don’t need to wonder because you can check your university guidelines to understand the format of your dissertation report and when it should be submitted. Let’s now discuss some of the important things that you actually must know about dissertation report format and submission.

Dissertation Report Paper:
Find out about paper size and confirm if it should be A4 size. Also, find out about the weight and whiteness.

Dissertation Report Font Style and Size:
Confirm the standard font style and size. You might have to use Times New Roman of 12 pts.

Dissertation Report Margins:
Confirm your top, bottom, left and right margins. 

Dissertation Report Page Format:
Find out about Head height, Head separation , Footer and Foot separation. Confirm if line spacing should be 1.5. Also, check whether you should use single or double-sided printing.

Dissertation Report Page Numbering:
Check your page numbering that whether it should be i…

BSc Dissertations

The purpose of your BSc dissertation is to show what skills you have acquired and what you have learned in your BSc program. Not only you have to produce your original research, you also have to present your results in writing. So, what should be your approach when you write your BSc dissertation? Well, let’s now discuss a few important points that every BSc dissertation writer must know.

Your BSc Dissertation Sandwich Course:
You have to write your BSc dissertation in your final year. But don’t worry, neither will you have to actually do a sandwich course, nor will you be writing about sandwiches. Between your 2nd year and 4th year you can do a placement year, where you will work for one year and get real hands-on experience. Since your placement year is in the middle of your 2nd year and 4th year, like sandwiched in the middle, this is why it’s called a sandwich course. 

You may choose to do a placement year, or move directly to your last year. Spending your 3rd year on placement will …

What should you know about Literature Review in order to complete it successfully?

literature review shows previous publications on a particular topic by qualified researchers and scholars. Your literature review demonstrates how broad your research is, what knowledge and ideas you have established on a topic and how strong and weak they are. It should be related to you research question. You need to be able to scan the literature effectively and identify useful books, articles, journals, etc. You should also be able to identify fair and valid studies. When you write your literature review, follow these points: You need to recognize areas of debate in the literature.You need to devise questions that require further research.When you conduct your literature review, your need to determine what your approach should be. For example, qualitative research, quantitative research, etc.Determine what sort of publications you should be using, for example, books, journals, articles, etc.You should scrutinize your research abilities. Whether your research was broad enough to ga…

What Should You Know About Dissertation Projects?

Completing your Criminology Dissertation project efficiently means completing and earning your degree. Therefore, it is imperative to know not only the salient features, but each and every part of your dissertation project and writing process. You must find out the specific requirements of your dissertation by referring to your university guidelines and consulting with your advisor. I am going to provide dissertation help here which will enable you to understand how your dissertation should be written.

Choose a Topic & Write a Proposal:

You need to first choose a topic relevant to your degree program. Make sure you narrow down your topic as it will then be easier to manage for your Criminology Dissertation. Also, find out if there is ample material available pertinent to the theme of your topic. Once you have done that, you are now ready to write your proposal. You may also check the specific university guidelines for your proposal or ask your advisor to help with dissertation proje…

How to Write a Literature Review?

If you don’t know how to write a literature review then you can’t demonstrate that you have read and understood the work published on a particular topic. Not knowing how to write a literature review also shows that you have not done enough research and, therefore, are unable to produce it. In order to find out how to write a literature review, you need to understand what it should contain.

You don’t write your literature review simply to describe the publications of others or summarize what others have written. Instead, it is a critical discussion that shows your understanding of different arguments, approaches and theories. Follow these important points in order to stop wondering how to write a literature review: You need to provide an overview of your literature review. Also, state the objectives of the literature review.When you write a literature review, you should present how similar or different the work of previous authors was.You need to define areas in which different authors e…

3 Tips for Writing a Literature Review Successfully

Writing a literature review can be easy and fun if you know what it includes, how to organize it and where to collect information from. Unless you know how exactly you can start writing a literature review, you will continue to procrastinate. I am going to give you three tips now that will enable you to understand the process and allow you to start writing a literature review successfully.

1. Writing a Literature Review – Find out what it includes:
When you start writing a literature review, you need to find out what it contains and how it’s written. For example, your introduction states what you will write about in your literature review. Also, Support your argument and explain why others are wrong. Discuss how similar or different the work of different authors was, in your area of study. Talk about gaps in previous research and suggest where further research is required. When you write your conclusion discuss your main argument and how your points support it. So, you need to discuss t…

Thesis/Dissertation Simplified – Learn how Dissertation and Thesis are Different

How can you write your Thesis/Dissertation when you don’t know the difference between a dissertation and thesis? How can you write your thesis/dissertation if you don’t know the difference between a thesis/dissertation and thesis statement? How can you write your thesis/dissertation if you don’t know the difference between a Master’s and PhD thesis/dissertation?

The answer to all these questions is, “You can’t write your thesis/dissertation, PERIOD”. It is because you simply can’t write when you don’t know what to write. Let’s now learn how they differ from each other:

Dissertation and Thesis – How do they differ?
The difference between a dissertation and thesis is fairly simple:

If you are in the US: You write a dissertation if you are doing your PhD and you write a thesis if you are in Master’s program.

If you are in the UK: You write a thesis if you are doing your PhD and you write a dissertation if you are in Master’s program.

Thesis/Dissertation and Thesis Statement – How do they diffe…

How to get your dissertation paper published?

After completing a dissertation paper, most students want to know how to get it published. First of all, you should own the copyright. So bind your dissertation paper and then fill out the copyright form. If you live in the UK then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The British Library. If you live in the US then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The Library of Congress.

When you are ready to get your dissertation paper published, talk to your advisor and seek his advice. It will be difficult to publish your non-fiction dissertation paper work without previous experience of publication. Your advisor will not only guide you but will also help you revise your dissertation paper according to the requirements of the publisher.

You have three options to choose from in order to get your dissertation paper published:

1) Publish Your Dissertation Paper in a Journal:
Find a suitable journal for your dissertation paper. In order to find one, go throu…

Masters Dissertation Topic

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Select a Masters Dissertation Topic Are you ready to come up with an interesting Masters Dissertation topic that not only will you find interesting but which will also keep you focused? If so, then I am about to discuss with you that how you can select a masters dissertation topic. But before we do that, I must tell you if you are currently taking graduate courses then this is the best time to select a topic as it will be easier to come up with a possible topic.

1. Organize Your Masters Dissertation Topic Research:
Keep track of your masters dissertation research and keep it organized. This way you won’t have to look for the same matter again and it will prevent you from wasting your time. The more organized your dissertation topic research is, the earlier you will be able to select a topic. Don’t make the process painful by looking for the same matter or files again

2. Find an Interesting Masters Dissertation Topic:
If your masters dissertation topic is not interesting…

Undergraduate Dissertation

How Can You Plagiarize Your Undergraduate Dissertation Unintentionally?
You may plagiarize your undergraduate dissertation easily if you use someone else’s thoughts and present them as your own. When you write an undergraduate dissertation, you have to carefully provide all the references. You carry out a research and collect information from different sources, so when you use someone else’s ideas, you must acknowledge where you received the information from. If you fail to do so, your undergraduate dissertation will be considered as plagiarized. 

This is what you should be careful about or else you will end up plagiarizing your undergraduate dissertation unintentionally:
If you write sentences or include phrases from other authors in your undergraduate dissertation without using quotation marks and providing proper references.If you paraphrase the work of other authors, meaning present it in your own words in your undergraduate dissertation without mentioning appropriate references.If y…

Download Dissertations

Should You Download Dissertations to Succeed or Fail?
Before you download dissertations, you decide what kind of help you would be getting with such dissertations. You can either use them to help you write your own dissertation or use them to fail miserably. So… are you ready to know how you can succeed or fail? Well – keep reading…

So, when you download dissertations, how can you succeed? There are two things you can do. First of all, you can use them for reference purpose. You can go through prewritten dissertations, on a topic similar to yours, to see what others have written and where they collected their information from. You will then be able to use their references to find information for your own dissertation.

Secondly, after you download dissertationsand go through them, you will learn to organize your own after you are done. You will see and learn how different parts of a dissertation are combined together.

Now – How can you fail after you download dissertations? If you download…

Writing Geography Dissertation? Consider This Before You Continue...

Writing a geography dissertation can be rather helpful. You should choose a topic very carefully if you want the society to benefit from your geography dissertation.

In this connection, we are going to help you write your geography dissertations. Follow the instructions and you have all chances to succeed:
Never put off writing your geography dissertation. It is quite evident that geography dissertation writing differs from all the other types of academic writing. More than that, it will definitely take you much more time to write it. So, if you do not want to write your geography dissertation in one night (this is hardly possible), you should start working on your geography dissertation as early as possible. Best of all if you start working on it as soon as you receive a topic.Brainstorm. This means that you should sit down, relax and think over possible subjects for your geography dissertation, which will be interesting to investigate. Thus, pull your thoughts together and choose the …

Free Dissertation Title Page

Dissertation Title Page is the very first page of your dissertation project. At the top of the title page within the advised margins, give the title and any sub-title of the dissertation, followed by the volume number, if more than one. The full name of the author should be in the center of the page. At the bottom center of the page should be the words "A dissertation submitted to the University of Bristol in accordance with the requirements of the degree of MSc in Information and Library Management in the Faculty of Social Sciences". The words " Graduate School of Education" and the month and year of submission should also appear. The word count (of the text only, not appendices) should be typed at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Here is the free sample of dissertation title page: