Qualitative Research Dissertation’s Dissection

Have you been asked to submit a qualitative research dissertation? Is it making you feel nervous; then you shouldn't be panic as this article is going to assist you a lot in your qualitative dissertation.

Research is Defined: A scientific technique to explore knowledge.

Which research is better: Qualitative or Quantitative?

In your qualitative research dissertation, you should compare qualitative and quantitative research dissertation in order to give your audience an idea which kind of a research dominates more. Due to flexibility and open-ended ideas, qualitative research overlooks quantitative research in terms of solutions.

Sampling Methods

Sampling methods are vital for qualitative research dissertation. They involve:

1. Goal-Directed Sampling: Purposive Sample Research.

2. Allotment Sampling: Segmentation based Research.

3. Snowball Sampling: Researching unknown people.

Ethical Rule of thumb

3 guidelines serve as a helping hand to researcher while conducting research. They are:

1. Freedom of speech

2. Benevolence

3. Fairness for all

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are:

1. Participants Observation: (Study of Natural Behavior)

2. Deep Interviews: (Seeking problems regarding busy lifestyles)

3. Focus Groups: (Group Interviews)

Benefits of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is beneficial as it’s based on

• Open environment.

• Unanticipated.

• Exploratory


Preceding terminologies are an exclusive necessity of any qualitative research dissertation.


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