Web customer support experts provide web-based support for a wide variety of products, including computer software. Every web support job is slightly different. For example, in some jobs, you may have both phone- and web-based contact with customers, while in other roles, you may provide support exclusively via the web. No matter where you work, though, most web support jobs share some similarities.

Job Requirements

The main goal of web support specialists is to provide customer service. They may teach customers how to use a product or implement educational training sessions for a large organization, such as a university. Some web support specialists help to design programs or make recommendations about the best program options. For example, a web support specialist working at a university might suggest programs that would be easier for faculty to use, or make coding changes to existing programs.

Working Environment

In most cases, you'll be working in an office or cubicle in front of a computer, and you may be surrounded by other computers or servers. If you provide phone-based support, you may be surrounded by other customer support specialists who are also chatting on the phone with customers and clients. At some companies, web support specialists work from home, allowing you significant control over your working environment.

Training and Skills

The specific skills and training you need to be a web support specialist vary from company to company, but an associate's or bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology can help prepare you for this career. For example, Santa Rosa Junior College requires a web site development certificate, while the University of California requires a bachelor's degree. You may also need certification or training on specific software. For example, the University of California relies heavily on Linux, and requires experience working with UNIX/Linux.


Pay is dependent on the company where you work and your experience. Experienced support specialists working at large companies can typically command higher salaries than entry-level employees. For example, at Cisco, a large company, Glassdoor lists salaries ranging from $53,000 to $144,000 per year. The United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics 


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