Salary Scales for Educational Diagnosticians in Texas

Educational diagnosticians use tests, interviews and observations to assess the difficulties a student may be experiencing in the classroom. Working with other team members, such as speech therapists, teachers and parents, the diagnostician prepares an educational program tailored to the student. In the state of Texas, an educational diagnostician must have a valid teaching certificate and at least a master's degree, along with two years of experience as a teacher. They must also complete an educational diagnostician training program and pass the examination for certification. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics Salary Data – National

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not record salary data for educational diagnosticians in a separate category. The BLS states that salaries are comparable with those for other school counselors. Nationally, the average annual salary for educational, guidance, school and vocational counselors was $55,970 as of May 2010.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Salary Data – State

The BLS reported that, as of May 2010, the average salary for this classification of counselors was $55,420 annually in the state of Texas. The best-paying state, New Jersey, paid an average annual salary of $70,690. The average salary was $67,530 in Alaska. Educational counselors in Maryland earned an average of $64,290. These professionals earned an annual average salary of $63,110 in California. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics Salary Data – Texas Areas

Salaries vary widely by the area in Texas, as demonstrated by the data published by the BLS for May 2010. For example, in the Houston metropolitan area, the average salary was $54,040, but it was $62,850 in the Dallas-Irving-Plano area. In the greater McAllen area, the average salary was $59,630, substantially higher than the mean salary in the College Station-Bryan area, which was $43,720. Salaries in the Eastern and Northwestern Texas non-metropolitan areas showed less variation, averaging $51,050 in Eastern Texas and $50,240 in Northwestern Texas.

The Texas Tribune Salary Data

The Texas Tribune, under the Texas Public Information Act, extracted data in 2011 for public school employees bearing the educational diagnostician job title. Their report stated that the median salary for the occupation was $58,768.

Texas Workforce Commission Salary Data

The Texas Workforce Commission reported that, as of November 2010, the average salary for educational, vocational and school counselors statewide was $55,878. The entry-level wage was $39,119 and the experienced worker salary was $64,258.


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