Importance & Advantages of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think for yourself and develop your own independent opinions based on sound reasoning. Critical thinking is encouraged through elementary and secondary schooling in a variety of ways. In college, the ability to think critically is required for success in any discipline. Knowing how to think critically is imperative as it allows you to analyze and respond effectively to challenging situations and concepts that arise beyond school, both in the workplace and in everyday life. 

Thinking for Yourself and Evolving

  • Critical thinking skills require that you think for yourself but also that you are willing to adjust your thinking. Arguing effectively demands astute thought in that you not only must know your side of the argument, but must have an understanding of the opposite side. However, you may begin to agree with aspects of the other side of the argument. Being able to adapt to new information and adjust your original opinion accordingly is indicative of fine-tuned critical thinking skills.

Reasoning Through Problems and Dilemmas

  • Being able to think critically is essential when you are confronted with a problem or dilemma. You can take a step back from the situation, analyze it from a rational perspective, and then devise a viable, workable solution. The ability to be able to rely on your critical thinking skills allows you the patience and confidence you need to proceed successfully through the situation at hand.

Having Confidence in Your Knowledge

  • When you know what you think and why, you are more confident in resisting peer pressure. Unfortunately, peer pressure continues beyond your school years, but your critical thinking skills allow you to stand up for what you think and be effective in doing so. Also, you are able to ascertain that actions have consequences, and the ability to explain your reasoning can help others make better choices as well.


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