How to Write a Myth Essay

When the time comes to write an essay for a particular class, the task can seem rather daunting. With a mythology essay, the topics range greatly depending upon the particular myth you need to tackle. Essays, regardless of topic, tend to have the same basic structure. Your myth essay needs to show that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand and can formulate an opinion about the myth. Often times, myth essays require drawing parallels between certain myths and historical occurrences, so you must know how to write cohesively.
  • Choose a theme for your essay and formulate a thesis statement. Your teacher may have already given you a topic to write about, either as a list or limiting you to the mythology currently being studied in your lesson plan. If you have a broader range, look for myths that hold your interest so that the paper will feel less like a chore to write.
  • Research the mythology within your topic thoroughly. Your research options include going to the library, researching online or contacting mythology and folklore departments at your local university for help. Collect as many references as you can so that your paper has a solid foundation. In most cases, teachers assign a minimum amount of sources to use, so if nothing else, collect the minimum amount.
  • Take notes on your chosen topic as you research from your references. These notes will help you decide more clearly on the direction you want your paper to go. For instance, you may find a fact about your myth that you were unaware of which could change your original idea around some.


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