How to Write a Good GP Essay Intro

The introduction of your general paper sets forth the foundation of your essay and outlines your main points. This introduction has to set the tone for your paper and prepare the reader for what he is about to read. Above all, the introduction must grab your reader's attention with a vivid statement that draws him to your topic.
  • Brainstorm your essay. Remember that your responsibility when writing a general paper essay is to discuss and analyze your topic. Consider both the positive and negative implications of your topic. No general paper essay should be one-sided. Take your brainstorming through to conclusion on all your points and formulate rational ideas based on these lines of thought. Once you have completed your brainstorming, begin eliminating ideas that you find to be too commonplace or offensive. Boring your reader means that he will not remember your essay, and offending him, while perhaps guaranteeing that he will remember it, will serve no positive purpose.
  • General paper essays are generally between 500 and 800 words, depending on your school. If you're writing 800 words you can probably cover four ideas, but trying to fit four main points in a 500-word essay leads to points that are not fully developed. Make sure that your points will build from each other in terms of logical progression. Structure your ideas into short phrases, and place them in order based on how you will use them to build on each other in support of your essay topic.
  • Design your thesis by writing a single sentence that includes each of your three to four main ideas. This thesis statement will normally be located at the end of your introduction. This statement should be clear and tell your reader exactly what he can expect to read in your essay.


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