How to Make a Periodic Table Science Presentation

Are you interested in making a periodic table science presentation? Learn how to make a great science fair project from our science presentation expert in this free video clip series.
Series Summary
Science class may not have been your favorite subject in school, but science is incredibly important. In the major research universities of the United States, deans and trustees increasingly fund the sciences, including medicine and mathematics. The beginning of this infectious topic returns us to our younger years and the annual once a year science fair. Remember cramming to get your project done, only to find that your volcano wouldn't erupt? After watching a few simple science fair presentation videos from our expert Fiona Linke you'll be answering your own cosmic questions.
If you're looking for a quick and simple presentation that you can present at the science fair, then look no further. In this video series you'll learn how to make a periodic table science presentation. Our expert Fiona Linke will show you what materials you need and how to apply them to your poster board. You'll learn why the periodic table was created as well the elements that comprise a human being. Before you have to present your project, Fiona will show you some tips on how to catch people's attention. In no time you'll be the hit of the science fair.


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