How to Add an Appendix to a Research Paper

Academic research papers are frequently written after conducting extensive field research. Therefore, the conclusions and observations discussed in the research paper rely on more extensive data collected during the course of the research. You can include that data in the back of the research paper as an appendix. Appendices should be well-structured and clearly referenced in the text of the research paper. The format of the appendix can be based on a style manual, such as the APA manual, or upon the style of a word processing software, such as Word.
  • Determine what data, charts, questionnaires or other information you will include in the appendix. Remember that the appendix is best used for providing more detail or attaching a report in its entirety. Summary information goes in the text of the paper.
  • Make the appropriate reference to the appendix in the text of the research paper. Include the appendix only if you reference it in the paper. One such way to reference is to summarize the information in the text and then add a phrase such as "see Appendix C for the survey in its entirety."
  • Prepare the appendix page in accordance with the appropriate style manual. Generally, you will set up the margins in accordance with the style manual -- for example 1-inch top, bottom, left and right margins and type Appendix at the top center of the page. The appendix should be either numerical or alphabetical (Appendix A or Appendix I), should have page numbers (for example A-1, A-2) and be centered, from top to bottom, on the page. Appendices follow the bibliography or works cited pages.


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