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Dissertation Proposal Format

Thedissertationproposal is prepared as part of the comprehensive examination, and submitted at the time of the second sit-down exam. It is prepared according to the Dissertation Proposal Format included in this document. If the student passes the exam, a copy of the proposal is forwarded to the graduate director for approval. If revisions are needed, the committee will give a date for handing in a revised version of the proposal (no later than three months after the oral) for final approval. The dissertation proposal writing must be genuinely comparative (i.e., it must compare works, authors, genres), and must examine works written in more than one language.
(The dissertation itself is written in English.) Its subject normally grows out of related but less ambitious projects undertaken in courses. For the possibility of basing a dissertations on a translation project.
The dissertation committee meets with the candidate once per year to assess progress. The faculty member who chairs the …

Dissertation Time

Dissertation is the mainly difficult and time consuming academic requirement a doctoral student faces. It's way too easy to procrastinate and put off writing under the pretext

Study How You to Write Dissertation in 2 weeks! Can’t think it and still thinking it’s not possible just Scroll down and you will see the 5 World Top Work, Life and freedom sense of balance Tips for You to Write Dissertation.

Imagine you have to write a 300-page to write Dissertation but you are stuck right at the start. There are something that doesn’t let you to proceed with your writing. What makes you wait and delay?

Why we do procrastinate or put off our hard work to write dissertation

The biggest complexity the graduation students faces is to keep them motivated to write dissertations. Observation shows that the only cause of the procrastination is the awareness of students that it is a hard task or almost impossible to write dissertation.

Which are the causes of procrastination in dissertation?

1. A Lonely …

Dissertation Title Ideas

When selecting an interesting dissertation title is very important to your achievement. It is about your dissertation title that will either assist you earn your degree or make you give it up.

So, you have to select your dissertation title wisely after a careful and detailed research. This will take a while before you will be able to select a title, so don’t fear and go on with searching . You must think about following guidelines mentioned below to guarantee you select a dissertation title that will help you stay interested in your dissertation.

1 – Notes and Discussions for Dissertation Titles:

It is very important when you take notes when you attend to lectures. Along with that, take notes when you read book, articles, journals, etc. You should take notes so you may go through them later and try to find impressive interesting. Keep in touch wit advisor and friends about dissertation title. If you know anyone or if you have any friends who have finished their dissertations, in your area…

How To Structure Thesis Dissertation

A thesis dissertation is one of the longest forms of writing so this cannot be produced overnight. It is rather a painstaking process that requires a great research and findings. Only then a great dissertation thesis can be created.

Introduction, body and conclusion is not enough for dissertation writing, instead it is something more than that. There are various steps involved in order to create a high standard dissertation thesis. Let us now discuss those steps in detail.


Abstract in a thesis dissertation is not included in the formal word count and it should not be more then 300 to 400 words. This is basically a short summary of what a reader should expect in the coming dissertation. Half of it should explain what you will be doing in the dissertation while the rest of it should give some recommendations.


An introduction should posses ten percent of your thesis dissertation; it is an overview of the work you will be doing in the dissertation. At first, introduce t…

Thesis vs Dissertation – 8 Basic Differences

Dissertation and thesis are considered to be same in many universities. Generalized definition of both, thesis and dissertation is same i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing”. Should this make us conclude that thesis vs dissertation is same? Although, dictionary holds the same definition for both the terms but it does not mean that there is no difference between thesis and dissertation.

There are several differences between thesis and dissertation that one should know in order to clarify the concept of thesis vs dissertation. A thesis is basically the requirement for Master’s degree while dissertation is the basic requirement to acquire the degree of doctorate. Let us review the 8 basic differences between thesis and dissertation in order to clarify our concept on thesis vs dissertation:

Thesis vs Dissertation

1. You have to utilize already collected information in order to prepare a thesis whereas dissertation is based on the research conducted all by yourself.

2. Dissertation …

How to Write Dissertation that works

Writing dissertations sometimes becomes the single most reason for the students to leave their education program with only ABD (all but dissertation) qualification but if he doesn’t want this designation then he has to work very hard and get some sound advice on how to come up with a perfect dissertation.

Writing up dissertation in Some Simple Steps

Step # 1:

Make sure you have taken all the seminars and lectures during classes to have all the knowledge required to write a dissertation and you should also have the document form the college to guide you with writing thesis as different colleges have different requirements for the citations and the formatting of the dissertation. You better save time and follow the given format from the beginning. Step # 2:

In order to make it easier, let us divide the doctoral dissertation in ten sections. Sections one, two and three are numbered with the roman numbers where section one contains all the acknowledgments, section two is the index page while s…

The Top 6 Ways To Facilitate Your Dissertation Writing Process

Dissertation writing is not an easy task and it is extremely challenging for almost all students. Dissertation writing is the most important part of your degree. It requires dedication, perseverance, ability to do in-depth research and determination. Writing a dissertation is challenging but not impossible and you should try to facilitate your dissertation writing process by following these valuable tips:
1. The most important thing you need to do, when it comes to buy dissertation writing, is not to procrastinate at all. Set up a plan that how you are going to be writing your dissertation and make sure you stick to it.

2. Idea development is something that can procrastinate your dissertation writing process dramatically. This is the part where students struggle a lot. What you need to do now is to write down the topics that you find interesting. When you are in class or listening to a lecture or reading an article, etc, just write down what you find interesting. Then you can discuss yo…

6 Secrets of Writing a Good Dissertation

For most of the students, the idea of writing the dissertation is quite daunting as it is considered to be the longest writing task in a person’s life and most of them feel spooky about it. For this purpose, they search over the internet to get a guideline for writing a good dissertation, this is why, and we have decided to give them a handful of information on writing the dissertation.

1. Student should stick to the standard of writing the dissertation:

If you have been given the proper guideline than there is no need to consult the internet but if you don’t have it than it is better that you ask your supervisor about it. If a student wants to be assessed high, he needs to stick to the standards of his college, so make sure you are following all of them. If you are confused about any issue, then ask your supervisor about it.

2. Make sure, you are meeting all the rules of citation: It is of utmost importance that a dissertation is an original production of a student, by this, we mean that…

Guide to Writing Dissertations

Before you start working on your dissertation, you need to do a home work on it so that you can come up with a good piece of work and able to fetch good grades. The following informational text will provide you with a detail guide on how to devise a fool proof to guide to writing dissertations in some simple steps. Most of the people done like consider doing a proper home work on their dissertation, they just jump into the pool and start writing which leads to the devastation of their image and grades as well, so, it’s a high time that they realize the importance of a better written dissertation.

Level no.1:

You need to think and research a lot before even deciding the topic for writing a dissertation on, search for the material and gather as much information as possible. Write down all the ideas that comes to your mind in the first place, but you have to be careful that your idea is original and unique. It is best if you select the idea that you like as it will maintain your interest t…