Preschool Science Jungle Themed Activities

Animal Sounds

  • Hold a competition for children to see who can make the best jungle animal sounds. Children can roar like a tiger, trumpet like an elephant or snap like a crocodile. Let the other children guess what animal is being portrayed or award prizes for the loudest, longest or funniest animal sounds.

Habitat Identification

  • Place a variety of small plastic toy jungle animals on a table. Set out a dish of water, a tray of dirt and a layer of straw or hay. Have the preschool children take turns putting an animal in its appropriate habitat.

Miniature Jungle

  • Plant a small exotic plant in a plastic cup or container. Water it and place another clear plastic container over it. The moisture will condense on the lid and then rain down onto the plant, mimicking a rain forest.

Grow a Rainforest Pineapple

  • The top of a pineapple makes a great jungle houseplant. Cut the top of a ripe pineapple off about 3 inches down the fruit. Let it dry for a day or two and remove the fruit, leaving the core attached to the leaves. Plant the core of the pineapple with the leaves sticking up out of the dirt. Water it right after planting and anytime the soil dries out. Give it plenty of sunlight.


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