How to Write a Project Narrative

A project narrative is the part of a project proposal that demonstrates the scope of what you hope to achieve. This means that you must detail the requirements, goals and planned achievements of the project. The beginning of a project proposal is used to make your project look enticing, but the narrative is where you will sell it and demonstrate that you know how to run your project.

break your narrative up into sections so that it is easier to read. For instance, you can have a section on your goals, a section on how you plan to achieve these goals and a section on what your expectations are for the results. Three to six sections should be enough.
Detail your project and do not leave anything out. If you know something about your project, but it does not fit into any of your sections, create a new one. You want to try to anticipate questions and answer them before they are even asked.
Start out with your goals. It is okay to be hopeful and ambitious in this section. Write up everything that you want to achieve. If you leave something out in this section, it might not be included in your project by your reviewers.

Cite other projects that took on a similar task. Explain how you will build on them and what you will do differently. If one of these projects failed, then that's okay. Explain the failure of the other project and why it will not happen to you. For instance, if the other project did not have enough financial support, make sure your reviewer knows that this is your priority.
End your narrative with your long-term expectations. Describe how your project will continue to benefit your reviewers even after it has been implemented. It is important to show that you will be working toward something that will last a long time, so that it is not a wasted investment for your reviewers.


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