How to Pass a Tough Class

  • Take extensive notes and do all of the required reading. An easy class gives you all the information you need from the lectures and a tough class requires more. Stay on top of the reading and transcribe your notes from each class to ensure you have the concepts down.
  • Talk to other classmates. Most of the time if you are having having a tough time with a class, then your peers are, too. Form study groups and compare information. In order to pass, you may need more than just your head to make the grade.
  • Converse with your professor. Teachers love to help their students and most are open to visiting with their students during office hours to help solidify tough concepts. Each class is different, but making the effort to take time out of class to talk to your professor will help you pass any tough class.
    • Get a tutor. They are there to help you and they are usually free at major universities. Find help wherever you can get it. Most university tutors are well informed and can be a great help.
    • Try using additional material. Some professors assign texts that are hard to read. On any subject, it is easy to find books and online materials that may help explain concepts that aren't making sense with your assigned textbook. It sounds like a lot of work, but in order to pass a tough class, going the extra mile is necessary.


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