How to Complete a Science Victory in Civilization IV

  • Appease everyone. Your primary concern here is to be left alone so you can research technology as quickly as possible. If another civilization wants technology from you, give it to them. Whatever you do, do not get wrapped up in a war.
  • Keep your Research percentage at 80 or 90. You must strike a balance between productivity and happiness. If your people are overworked, they'll get angry and technology research will cease. If your people are angry, address their concerns and continue on.
  • Ignore political technologies. Or at least, save them for last. Most political technologies are secondary to your science goals, so there's no point wasting valuable time on them if you don't need them. Does it really matter if a despot or a president builds a starship?
    • Keep up on civic improvements. Granaries, aqueducts, walls, hospitals, recycling centers and the like will keep your people happy and productive.
    • Build the Orbital Elevator. This wonder is necessary to launch your Space Shuttle.
    • Build the Space Shuttle (SS) parts as soon as you can. You must build: five SS Thrusters, one SS Docking Bay, one SS Life Support and one SS Cabin.
    • Launch! Once you've finished your final piece of the Space Shuttle, your mission is complete.


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