Cheap Science Fair Ideas

Electrical Foods

This experiment can be done with a lemon, potato or other acidic food. You will need the fruit or vegetable, a copper strip of metal, a zinc strip of metal, a small flashlight or LED light bulb and a few inches of metal wire cut into two pieces. An old penny can be used for the copper piece and the zinc strip can be taken from an old D-cell battery. Put the zinc and copper pieces of metal into the fruit or vegetable on opposite sides, making sure they do not touch in the middle. Then, wrap one piece of wire securely around both the zinc and copper pieces. Next, just attach each piece of wire to the light bulb and watch it light up. Keep in mind that different pieces of fruits or vegetables may have different acidity levels, so if one does not work, you should try another.

Making Clouds

This experiment requires a large glass jar with a wide mouth, a book, balloon, elastic (rubber) band, chalk and cold water. Cut the balloon so it is just a sheet of rubber and grind the piece of chalk into dust. Fill the jar with water until it is 1 inch deep and cover the top of the jar with the rubber, holding it in place with the elastic band. Place the book over the top of the jar for 10 minutes. Remove the book and the rubber and quickly drop 1 spoonful of the chalk dust inside. Put the rubber back on top of the jar and hold it in place with the rubber band. Place your fist into the rubber, pushing it down into the jar for 15 seconds. Remove your hand and a cloud should appear.

Diet Coke and Mentos

An easy chemistry visual can be the chemical reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos® brand mints. It shows how breaking the surface tension and exciting the molecules to create the formation of carbon dioxide bubbles can create a geyser. All you need is the 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke, the Mentos mints and something to catch the mess, such as a towel or small pool. Simply drop three or four mints into the Coke bottle and an eruption will occur, shooting the soda into the air several feet high. This will happen quickly, so it is important that you drop the mints in and abruptly move away.


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