Scientific Evidence of UFOs & Aliens

Dr. Ruehl gives scientific evidence on evolution, upon sightings, Roswell, bigfoot, ET, ghosts, aliens, & paranormal phenomena in these upon research videos.
Series Summary
Do think that aliens exist out there somewhere, waiting for the perfect moment in history to make first contact with us down here on the blue planet we call ‘Earth’? Have they already been here long ago, and did they build Atlantis and the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings? Has it never occurred to you that we are not alone in this universe, that they are out there somewhere, watching us develop and grow, like some grand benefactors, enlightened despots nurturing sentient life throughout the universe? Or do you just laugh at such things and use words like “hogwash,” “poppycock,” and “absurd” when someone brings them up in party conversations among polite company? Are you sure enough to put your confidence to the test?
In these videos on the existence of aliens, UFO, bigfoot, and the paranormal, renowned nuclear physicist and ufologist Dr. Franklin Ruehl will challenge every assumption ever made about life and modern civilization—as we have come to know it in the 21st century. Dr. Ruehl takes empirical evidence about the fossil record, the human genome, astronomy, statistics and biochemistry, run through a filter matrix of Darwinian evolutionary theory, relativity and particle physics, to make a convincing argument that they are out there, somewhere…that we are not alone.


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