Role of Science in Business Communication

Businesses communicate in many different ways: Some types of business communication focus solely on relaying information and knowledge between different parts of the business itself. Other types of communication center around describing products or services to consumers in meaningful ways. These communication strategies are influenced by scientific theory and different types of technology available.


Psychology is one of the most important elements in the study and change of business communication. Businesses use psychology not only to predict the behavior of consumers when faced with particular events or marketing efforts, but also to judge the behavior of employees and what types of training are best for different workers. As theories are developed in psychology, marketing and training techniques are also created.

Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a social science similar to psychology but involving a wider framework of data. Organizational behavior is often concerned with economic data and statistics, mathematical formulas that are used predict events and study current business conditions. This is related to how the business is structured and what structures and hierarchies are most efficient for communicating goals or visions.

Marketing and Accounting Analysis

A key scientific aspect of marketing is market analysis. This analysis gathers data on current demographics and the actions of certain segments of the population, then uses statistical formulas to create graphs and percentages. Marketers look at this information (while also using business-based psychological techniques) to decide how to best communicate the company brand to consumers. Similar studies of data in the financial departments allow financial analysts to communicate projections and rates of return more clearly to their superiors.

Communication Technology

Computer science is a major player is business communication. Programs are constantly being written by computer engineers to better analyze marketing and financial data, which in turn leads to clearer results and better messages. Also, communication technology as a whole is vital to business success. Cell phones and online video or teleconferencing have changed the way companies interact with branches and partners, especially those long distances away. Even the science that has helped make LCD televisions clearer has affected the way businesses can display products or conduct their meetings.

Testing Technology

Psychological and organizational behavior studies also depend on data, and this data tends to come from advanced computer and scanning equipment. Technology and science that help grow medical fields are having an increasing impact on businesses too, as many companies turn to MRI scans and other devices that study brain behavior to find out what types of marketing are memorable and positive.


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