Montessori Math Methods

Curious about Montessori materials and curriculum? Learn how Montessori schools teach math to preschoolers with games and activities in this free educational video series about Montessori math methods.
Series Summary
Some people don't give children the credit they deserve. Rather than treating them as independent human beings, some think that kids can't be self-directed, especially when it comes to education. While this may be true for some children, there is a great deal of danger in teaching a child that they are incapable of self-sufficiency. However, there is an educational method that empowers children with self-directed activities. Founded in the late nineteenth century, the Montessori method teaches children to do their own learning. Once an idea or object is introduced to a child, the teacher calmly steps away as the “silent presence” in the classroom. Invented by Maria Montessori, the method was originally used to help children that were thought to be unteachable. Through the process of working with these children, Dr. Montessori discovered a way for kids to learn through the five senses, kinetic movement, spatial refinement, motor skill coordination, and concrete knowledge. The atmosphere is pleasant for children, and they interact with the world in a natural and peaceful way.

In this free video series, learn how Montessori teaches math skills to preschoolers. By using a hands on approach, children are able to physically see numbers and learn to remember them. Our expert, Tami Elliot, is the owner of a Montessori school. She sits down, and she shares with you all sorts of fun activities that you can do with your preschooler. Learn how to play math games. Also, learn different Montessori materials that help children learn math. Watch how Tami teaches tens, teens, hundreds, and thousands to children. So, take a moment, and learn more about Montessori curriculum today!


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