How to Write a Business Letter Start Up Sheet

How to Write a Business Letter Start Up Sheet. A business plan helps entrepreneurs and investors to visualize a business on paper long before the enterprise actual opens. The plan outlines your goals, costs, expectations, research and potential profits. Use a business letter start up sheet to outline this plan and show prospective backers that you have an idea that will work.
Know your audience. Understand your investors and what they expect. Research their needs and tailor your business letter to these needs.
Answer investors' questions before they ask. Show them you know the market and your business will fit right in. Tell them who the business will serve, what the business will do and how the business will do it.
Include a customer profile. Show that you have researched the market and know the age and habits of your potential customers. Tell them why your customers need your product or service.
Back up all your claims with research. Include names and sources in your letter but not the actual research. Prospective investors should be able to skim the letter for information and read the actual business plan for an in-depth look at your business.
Include an outline of your business plan. Your letter will serve as a lead in to the full plan. You want to include the basics in the letter with a business plan outline attached.
Write persuasively, yet professionally. Sound like a confident business person, not a salesperson. Let the facts speak for themselves. Present the information in a neat, organized manner with facts to back up your main points. Include the details in your business plan.
End the letter by leading prospective investors to your business plan. Make them want to hear more. You can send the plan along with the letter and outline but make sure it follows the letter in the package.


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