How to Write a Bibliography for a Periodical

Periodicals offer useful information on many subjects, ranging from specific industries and hobbies to current events to scholarly and scientific research studies. If you mention or quote from a periodical in your paper, then you will need to write a citation for the article in your paper's bibliography, providing basic publication information about the periodical so that people who read your paper can also find and read your source.
  • Note the author of the article in the periodical. First, write the author's last name; then, write a comma; then, after a space, write the author's first name or first initial.
  • Write the title of the article. You can put quotation marks around the title or leave it as it is.
  • Write the name of the periodical, using italics.
  • Specify the volume number of the periodical. If there is also an issue number, write that too.
  • Note the month and year in which the periodical was published. If it is a newspaper, or if it is published more than once a month, then you should also note the specific day.
  • Write the article's page range (the first and last pages of the article within the periodical). Separate the numbers with a hyphen or n-dash.


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