How to Do a One-Page Write Up in MLA Format

A one-page write up, or abstract, briefly explains the content of a larger article. It should be written as a general piece without technical language so it can be understood by a wide range of readers. Following the Modern Language Association (MLA) format, it should be no more than 250 words and the title should be the thesis statement, with the body following the same flow as the article. Abstracts are typically written after the article has been written or all research and conclusions have been completed.
Know your material. The content of the abstract should be excerpts from the body of the article. It is important to be the author and expert of the subject and style of the content of the article.
Use concise language. This may require several drafts. Each word should be relevant and should be the best word you can use and one that helps the overall explanation of the article.
Write about the most significant part of the topic. Do not add facts that are superfluous to the subject or add words just to support the explanation. Say exactly what the subject is about.
The last sentence should summarize the article. Do not repeat the words, the theme, or the tone of any previous part of the abstract. The most important thing is to use words sparingly and do not duplicate content. Be specific and concise.


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