How to Choose a College Professor

  • Read former students' reviews of college professors of interest. These reviews contain candid information about the college professors. You can find out about their grading policy and fairness, their availability to their students and students' overall experiences in their classes. Many colleges and universities make these professor reviews available to their students. You can also see such reviews online. (See link in Resources.)
  • Talk to friends who have had the professors for classes in the past. They can give you detailed insider information about the professors as well as about their classes. Some things to find out about include the students' workload, the professor's office hours and grading fairness. Use these comments to help you choose the best college professor for you.
  • Determine the availability of the college professors that interest you. Look at their office hours and the amount of time that they will spend on campus during the semester. You should always feel free to email or visit any professor of interest to ask her about her on campus availability.
  • Be sure to think about the courses that interest you when choosing a college professor. Even if your friends all recommend a certain professor, you may not want to take one of her classes if none of those classes interest you. Always make sure that you consider the courses offered when you choose your college professors.


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