How to Address a Letter to a Doctor of Education

Address an envelope to a Doctor of Education to "Dr. John Doe." If the doctor is married, etiquette expert Emily Post advises "Dr. and Mrs. John Doe". However, if the wife uses her maiden name, the address should be "Dr. John Doe and Ms. Jane Smith." The same rule applies if they are a couple but not married.
Use the following formal address inside a letter to a Doctor of Education: "John Doe, Ed.D." and use the greeting "Dear Dr. Doe," according to etiquette expert Charlotte Ford. An informal address in a letter is: "John Doe, Ed.D." but then use the greeting "Dear John."

Place the name and title on one line if you can. If you are addressing two people, the same rule applies -- try to fit both names on one line. If you can't fit both names on one line, Charlotte Ford and Emily Post both advise using: "Dr. John Doe" "Ms. Jane Smith" In this two-line address, do not use "and" in the address.


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