Education Requirements to Run a Daycare

Home Daycare

The educational requirements for a home daycare vary significantly according to the state regulations concerning home daycare operations. Some states allow an individual to operate an unlicensed home daycare with up to four children and no requirements concerning education. A licensed home daycare can accept more children and hire additional employees, but the owner or director may be required to hold at least an associate's degree in early childhood development or a related field. Other states require all home daycare facilities be licensed, and some have educational requirements regardless of the daycare licensing status. If you are interested in opening a home daycare, verify the legal requirements in your state.

Commercial Daycare

Individuals working in a licensed, commercial daycare facility are typically required to be enrolled in or have completed at least some coursework in childhood development studies. To be eligible to run a commercial daycare on behalf of an owner or as the owner, you would typically be required to hold an associate's, bachelor's or master's degree in education, child psychology, early childhood development or health and human services. The training provided by these educational degree programs provides the knowledge needed to identify childhood illnesses, provide quality care, effectively interact with parents, note possible signs of abuse and take appropriate action according to state laws.
Business Operations
If you plan to run any sort of business out of your home, business training will prove to be a valuable asset for your success. With a degree or certificate in business administration, you can learn about the benefits of incorporating a business, the tax implications of running a business, and how to manage payroll and accounting for the business. A degree or certificate in business management will also make you a more desirable applicant if you decide to apply for a management or director position within a retail daycare operation.


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