Business Communication Research Topics

Businesses, like the individuals whom embody them, need to use communication in order to operate and succeed in any society. As such, many businesses hire out consultants to do research into the way they communicate with others. Since there are many different ways a business can use communication in its work, there are plenty of research areas to peruse when studying it.

Communication across cultures

Most major businesses have employees from several different cultures, and to be effective, they must know how each culture looks at communication. Similarly, businesses aiming to go multinational must also learn the customs of communication for the nation they want to do business in, lest they risk a major faux pas. Research areas include how these cultures interact, case studies and conversational analysis.

Online business interaction

With the rise of social media and business interaction through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Quora, research into online communication with businesses and consumers is an active trend in business communication. Companies can ask questions to consumers using social media and consumers can also respond or ask their own questions. In particular, studies on what strategies work best for companies and what don't will help any business you work for. This offers an upcoming and interesting area of research.

Communication within Organizations

The communication within a business isn't always clear cut. For instance, it's highly unlikely that a mail clerk in a large company has direct access to the CEO; there's a hierarchy that stands between them. However, smaller companies may have executives talking to everyone in the business regardless of rank. Research in this area typically concerns network analysis (who talks to who) and how effective methods of communication in a business are.

Public communication

When most people think of communication in a business, they often think of press conferences, executive speeches or presentations to the public. Research in this area concerns the style of these presentations and how they are conducted; they can be formal press conferences or simple news appearances. Many case studies can be employed here to see what works best when dealing with the public.


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